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Time Wolf Software

Features & Extras

  • One year parts and labor warranty
  • Real time data collection for constant updates
  • Alarm Indicator for full memory or other errors
  • Connect Via RS-232, RS-485, TCP/IP

The Time Wolf Scout is among the most versatile clocks available on the market today. 

With over 150,000 units sold to small businesses, government agencies, and corporations in the United States and the world, the Time Wolf Scout is quickly becoming the most implemented clock since the launch of the manual punch clock.

The sleek and user friendly design is easy for almost anyone to operate and the structural design allows the reader to reside in multitudes of environments and industries.

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What is Time Wolf?

Time Wolf is automated time & attendance software capable of time tracking, calculating standard rules (breaks, overtime, vacation, holidays, exceptions, etc.), generating detailed reports and exporting time & attendance data to most payroll applications. Simply Stated: Time Wolf 4.0 is the latest in Time & Attendance technology that can automate your labor management process while saving you time & money.

Company Policies

Time Wolf 4.0 is designed for single or multiple policy settings. While Time Wolf is basically ready, right out of the box, it delivers the flexibility for intricate company configuration, while maintaining simplicity for businesses with fewer needs.

With Time Wolf 4.0 you can easily assign policies to new employees, with customized rules. You can also set the Time Wolf System to recognize how long the employee has been with the company and to change policies automatically the longer they have been with the company. Time Wolf 4.0 lets you easily set break times, early, late & on time grace periods to your company’s specifications. Time Wolf is even capable of Auto deducting lunches or breaks based on time worked. Time Wolf 4.0 also uses departments, where you can have an unlimited amount of departments and organize work hours by having employees change department.


With Time Wolf 4.0, tracking overtime has never been easier. Calculate overtime by week, day or both. Time Wolf 4.0 also gives you the ability to let supervisors approve or deny overtime automatically or manually.

Sick / Vacation / Holiday

Time Wolf 4.0 allows you to enter your own accrual formulas. Employees gain accrued vacation and or sick days based on actual hours worked and the rules you specify. Time Wolf 4.0 is also equipped to handle holidays. Meaning you can insert specified paid holidays. Time Wolf 4.o even lets you ser “worked holiday rate” to track those employees who do work on the specified holiday at special rates.

Manager & Employee Modules

Time Wolf 4.0 comes in two different modules: the Employee module and the Manager Module. Supervisors and administrators will use the manager module to set up policies, rules and to track and make changes to time cards, reports and other company rules. The manager module also allows administrators to set security access for supervisors and managers. Meaning, you have the ability as an administrator to allow supervisors or managers open the manager module to make changes to timecards but not see social security numbers, wages etc. Time Wolf 4.0 gives the administrators all the control…peace of mind included. 

The employee module is what employees clock in / out with. A very simple to use interface directs employees to enter their username and password, so that they can clock in/out. Supervisors also have the ability to allow employees to view and print specified reports from the employee module.

Automatic Backups

The automatic backup feature creates a copy of all primary data files on scheduled intervals. This feature provides added security of collected data, should primary data files become lost or corrupted.