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Time Wolf Juno Sell Sheet

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Juno Fingerprint Reader

Features & Extras

  • Can read any fingerprint! (Not limited to the index finger)
  • One year parts and labor warranty
  • Optional backup battery available
  • Large backlit display for easy operation
  • Alarm indicator for full memory or other errors
  • Interactive menu for completion of complex tasks
  • Real time labor data collection for constant updates 
  • Store 30,000 user transaction on-board
  • Connect to InfiniTime via RS-232 or TCP/IP (Network)
  • Audible speech confirmation via internal speaker

The Time Wolf Juno holds 1,500 employees and 30,000 punch transactions, making the Time Wolf Juno fit for any size organization. Pinless fingerprint identification technology makes the punching process quick and easy, capable of handling large groups of employees fast and accurately. 

With two different connection methods and the two ways it collects data, the Time Wolf Juno fits in to the infrastructure of most organizations.

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What Does The Professional Version Include?

TimeWolf Juno Professional provides your company with the complete solution to address all of the Time & Attendance requirements for a small organization.

The TimeWolf Juno Professional package includes all of the following;
  • TimeWolf Software license for 50 employees.
  • The TimeWolf Scheduling Module.
  • The TimeWolf Multi-User Module.
  • The TimeWolf Accruals Plus Module.
  • The TimeWolf Job Costing Module
  • An Ethernet (TCP/IP) Fingerprint Time Clock For Data Capture.
  • Software Installation Via Web Conferencing.
  • 2 Hours of Setup & Configuration Assistance.
  • 2 Hours of One-On-One Training Via Web Conferencing.
  • Annual Software Maintenance for 12 months That Gives Your Company Any and All Updates To The Software at No Charge.

TimeWolf Juno Professional provides you with the quickest and easiest way to take full advantage of your investment. We will provide assistance in setting up the system according to your specific requirements, train relevant personnel and support the solution this in turn will provide you with peace of mind and comfort in the knowledge that with the correct set up and assistance you can now start on increasing productivity within your organization with the TimeWolf solution.

What is Time Wolf Juno?

Time Wolf Juno is a biometric fingerprint reader that interacts with TimeWolf's automated time and attendance software. TimeWolf 4.0is capable of time tracking, calculating standard rules (breaks, overtime, vacation, holidays, exceptions, etc.), generating detailed reports and exporting data to most payroll applications. Simply Stated: Time Wolf Juno 4.0 is the latest in Time and Attendance technology that can automate your labor management process while saving you time and money.

Company Policies

Time Wolf Juno 4.0 is designed for single or multiple policy settings. It delivers the flexibility for intricate company configuration, while maintaining simplicity for businesses with fewer needs.

With Time Wolf Juno 4.0 you can easily assign policies to new employees, with customized rules. You can also set the Time Wolf System to recognize how long the employee has been with the company and to change policies automatically the longer they have been with the company. Time Wolf Juno 4.0 lets you easily set break times, early, late and on time grace periods to your company’s specifications. Time Wolf Juno 4.0 is even capable of auto deducting lunches or breaks based on time worked. Time Wolf Juno 4.0 uses departments where you can have an unlimited amount of departments and organize work hours by having employees change department.


With Time Wolf 4.0, tracking overtime has never been easier. Calculate overtime by day, week or both. Time Wolf Juno 4.0 also gives you the ability to let supervisors approve or deny overtime automatically or manually.

Sick / Vacation / Holiday

Time Wolf Juno 4.0 allows you to enter your own accrual formulas. Employees gain accrued vacation and or sick days based on actual hours worked and the rules you specify. Time Wolf Juno 4.0 is also equipped to handle holidays, meaning you can insert specified paid holidays. Time Wolf Juno 4.0 even lets you set “worked holiday rate” to track those employees who work on the specified holidays at special rates.

Manager & Employee Modules

Time Wolf Juno 4.0 comes in two different modules: the Employee module and the Manager Module. Supervisors and administrators will use the manager module to set up policies, rules and to track and make changes to time cards, reports and other company rules. The manager module also allows administrators to set security access for supervisors and managers. Meaning, you have the ability as an administrator to allow supervisors or managers to open the manager module to make changes to timecards but not see social security numbers, wages etc. Time Wolf Juno 4.0 gives the administrators all the control. 

The employee module is where employees clock in / out. A very simple to use interface directs employees to enter their username and password, so that they can clock in/out. Supervisors also have the ability to allow employees to view and print specified reports from the employee module.

Automatic Backups

The automatic backup feature creates a copy of all primary data files on scheduled intervals. This feature provides added security of collected data, should primary data files become lost or corrupted.

The Juno Overview

The Time Wolf Juno is our highly secure, highly rated fingerprint reader, bringing you the power of an automated time and attendance terminal with integrated biometric technology, at a great price. The Juno is compact in design and allows the user to clock in and out with the touch of the finger. The user also has the option of viewing their last recorded time, transferring departments, or even entering other information like tips, miles, etc. 

The large LCD provides maximum readability, and the on-board speaker provides audible and verbal confirmation of a complete or incomplete transaction. The Time Wolf Juno also comes with an internal bell scheduler allowing you to use the internal speaker to signal common start, end and break times.

The Time Wolf Juno comes standard with two easy ways to connect to the Time Wolf Time and Attendance System. The Juno comes with a 50 inch RS-232 cable for direct communication to a PC and a TCP/IP Ethernet port for communication across a network.

How It Works

The Time Wolf Juno uses the latest in advanced biometric fingerprint technology. Features like the all new anti-seismic design, make operation and fingerprint recognition more accurate & efficient.

The user simply places their finger on the green lit optical sensor. The fingerprint is then scanned and compared to all fingerprints on file using a highly sophisticated method of measurement. In under two seconds the identity is confirmed, the punch created and vocal confirmation made.

The data collected by the Juno terminal is then sent to the Time Wolf Time and Attendance System. With Time Wolf, detailed reports can be generated, exceptions tracked, and data passed on to payroll for check processing.

Save Money

  • Replace badges with fingerprint identification
  • Save time with pinless entry
  • Reduce overtime by locking out early punches
  • Sealed keypad reduces maintenance costs
  • Reduce labor management time with real-time data

Increase Productivity

  • User identification at the terminal in about 2 seconds
  • Department transfers done in one transaction
  • Employee can view last recorded time
  • Quickly enter miles, tips, commission etc.
  • Touch and go system insures better accuracy
  • Anti-seismic design for better scan accuracy
  • Linux based operating system for reliability
  • Quick audible verification of transaction


  • Choose to use direct connect or TCP/IP Ethernet
  • Add multiple terminals for additional users
  • Capable to handle an unlimited amount of users
  • Use in combination with any of our product line
  • Optional backup battery ensures operation

Juno Clock Technical Specifications

  • Size: 7.5” (width) x 5.5” (height) x 1.5” (depth) 
  • Weight: 2 lbs 
  • Display: Character LCD, 128 x 64
  • Power: 2A / 5 VDC
  • Operational Temperature: (0°C to 45°C)
  • Fingerprint Verification Time: less than 2 seconds
  • Transaction Buffer: 30,000 Transactions
  • User Capacity: 1,500
  • External Ports: RS-232, TCP/IP
  • Operating System: Linux
  • LED Indicator: 2 Array LED Indicators (Red, Green)

TimeWolf Juno Professional Technical Requirements

  • Operating Systems:
    • Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 or Higher
    • Windows 2003 Server Service Pack 1
    • Windows Vista Business or Ultimate
    • Windows 2008 Server Standard or Enterprise
    • Windows Server R2 Standard or Enterprise
    • Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional or Ultimate

  • Does not support install on a domain controller

  • CPU: Pentium IV 2GHz or Higher

  • RAM: 2GB or Higher (Recommended 4GB)

  • Free Hard Drive Space: 10 GB

  • Internet Browser:
    • Internet Explorer 7 or Higher
    • Safari (Latest Version)
    • FireFox (Latest Version)

  • Networking Information: TimeWolf Pack is a simple, network-able software that allows your employees to use the software anywhere on your Local Area Network (will not work on a Wide Area Network)

  • TimeWolf Clocks (Zephyr, Juno and Scout)

  • Connection Types:
    • Direct Connection which allows the reader to be connected directly to the host computer
    • TCP/IP connection that allows the reader to be connected via Ethernet on your network. Static TCP/IP address required.